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About Niibori

Balraj Gopal(Diploma Niibori Guitar Specialist)(B.Eng), (LRSM), (LMusTCL) HP

 ”Balraj Gopal is the only Singaporean graduate from the acclaimed International Niibori Guitar Music Academy in Japan, and has earned a specialist diploma in guitar orchestral conducting and management. Mr. Kazuyuki Terada at the academy has been pivotal in guiding Balraj during his studies in Japan. From long-time mentor and teacher Maestro Alex Abisheganaden, Balraj learned the mechanics and working principles of a guitar orchestra. Maestro Alex has been pivotal in developing Balraj's style of arranging and composing music for a guitar orchestra. Having worked tirelessly for the past 15 years, he continues to empower guitar ensembles.

 Balraj is Associate Conductor of NUS Guitar Orchestra (GENUS). He conducts workshops on technique and leadership skills for students in the NUS orchestra and alongside this, also guides and nurtures the talents of young guitarists in several guitar ensembles in Singapore. He is well versed with the Niibori Guitar Method from Japan, and advocates its pedagogy in classroom lessons.

 Apart from the guitar scene, Balraj has re-discovered his roots in South-Indian Carnatic Music. Formerly having performed on the sitar, he is now seriously studying the Mridangam, a south-indian percussion instrument. The intricacies and discipline of Carnatic music has opened up new modes of inspiration towards Balraj's writing skills, and this has already resulted in one composition (Satyagraha, 2010) for a guitar orchestra”

趙 柏群 (Chao po chun) HP

 He studied under Mr. 洪再添(Ho Za tain) in childhood, and developed his unique talent by performance in Taiwan child guitar ensemble. He got first prize in Japan junior guitar concourse. He studied in International Niibori Music Academy, and he studied under Mr. Mitsuji Nishikawa and Mr. Kazuyuki Terada. And he studied directly by Mr. Hiroki Niibori who founded guitar orchestra. He got first prize in Ensemble section of All Japan guitar concourse, and got second prize in Solo section. He led Japanese students and made their recital very successful as concert master of student orchestra. He founded his music school, “MIKO Guitar Studio” and started promotion activities in earnest after returning. He made big events of guitar that couldn’t have seen in Taiwan before this successful. Now, he is young and energetic musician in Taiwan who shows his talent in performance, conducting and administration.
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